Sealand, America, and the Ghost of the Sleepless Night (USUK + Sealand, Japan)


Erk.  I promised fluff, but then new work from 右近+左近 popped up on my dash.  (Same artist, different crack here.)  Bask in the glory of Al’s parenting skills.  

(*warning: bask at a distance to avoid hot shell casings.  Also- not flipped, so read this <- way.)


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poor USUK :3

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Computer City | USUK doujinshi translation [R-18]


Computer City by Rainy; a continuation of this strip.

Synopsis: America’s whereabouts go missing after the spaceship he was in explodes. Years later, he returns—but as England soon discovers, there’s something strange about this new America.


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I read 3 USUK doujin today, and all of them, especially THIS story make me weeping. T.T

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Hello Again, the Blues (USUK)


The resolution to save the most important part of a crumbling country is a heavy burden. Sometimes the right decision is painful, however, not all goodbyes are forever.

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Maybe the coolest doujinshi I ever read. also the mose serious and intense! <3